For years I’ve braced myself for a potential foreign attack on the Capitol. I never thought the invaders would be U.S. citizens.

Pro-Trump extremists break the windows of the Capitol building. Photo: Pacific Press/Getty Images

The Godfather of Gaming is getting another crack at Hollywood stardom after thirty years, but as its casting choices draw fire, there might be another way for the film to succeed.

If Rosalina isn’t in the sequel, we riot. (Nintendo)

The beloved cop comedy tackled police brutality and institutional corruption head-on in its last season, but its buffoonish villain undercuts the show’s impact when it mattered the most.


In a surprisingly enjoyable film that makes some strange choices, its characterization of its main star stands out as its most bizarre.

I strongly question the wisdom to start a player who’s smaller than the ball, but you do you, Bron. (Warner Brothers)

After this week’s backlash to the EURO 2020 final and The Little Mermaid remake, it feels like we’re long overdue for a better class of racist asshole.

Sports Illustrated / The Crowned Heart

Nothing about Marvel’s latest movie, good or bad, can eclipse the sensation of what it meant to finally watch it.

(Marvel Studios)

Any celebration of Derek Chauvin’s sentencing is hollow without acknowledging the woman who made it possible.

The backlash to a bisexual Loki betrays how little reactionary fandoms care about source material when it no longer suits them.

In a world where “woke” is effectively another racial slur, corporate adoption of AAVE phrasings is beyond insulting.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church — Chicago, IL

Mickey Desruisseaux

Scribbling at the intersection of race, law, politics, and pop culture. A monster of many words trying to be a man of all of them.

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